Product Overview:

Pure organic Fair Trade frozen Açaí, great for customizing your own delicious Açai bowls or smoothies at home.

Scoop and serve system, easy at to prepare your bowl at home or at your restaurant / cafe

Healthy antioxidants, fibers & omegas 3, 6 and 9, all in one product.

Small amount of sugar (local Indonesian sugar cane) and 170 calories per serving per bowl.

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Frozen Organic Açai Berry Pail

Rp 80,000.00
Frozen Açai Berry Pail Made of pure premium organic Açaí puree in refreshing, frozen flavours. Explore our delicious Açaí frozen

Frozen Organic Açai Berry Pulp Puree

Rp 20,000.00
Frozen Açai Pulp Puree 100% pure premium, organic frozen açai, camu-camu, cupuaçu, acerola pulp puree and other Amazon forest super-fruits,

Frozen Açai Drop

Rp 99,000.00
Frozen Açai Drop Pure organic Açai pulp puree on 20gr frozen açai drops. Fully recyclable paper container containing around 25

Frozen Açai Bowls

Rp 580,000.00
Frozen organic Açai Bowls Ready-to-go frozen organic Açai in paper bowl (with lid and bamboo spoon), perfect if you have

Frozen Mix Blend

Rp 27,000.00
Frozen Açai Mix Blend Our Mix Blend pack is a game changer for preparation of smoothie bowls for restaurants and cafes.

Frozen Fruits

Rp 35,000.00
Frozen Fruits You can keep your freezer stocked with a variety of frozen fruits and use them in various ways.