About Us

Our company

Indo Amazon is a Bali based company born from a love for healthy & delicious food and an interest to combine two amazing places in the world: Brazil and Indonesia. Brazilian co-founder and director of the company Guto Amorim has been working with Açai on and off since early 2000 in North east of Brazil ( Bahia).

Now almost 20 years later the Amazon forest queen of the Superfoods "Açai Berry" arrived in the beautiful islands of Indonesia. 

We work only with Premium Açai and other super fruits from Amazon forest and we import and distribute it to Indonesia & South East Asia. We are the first company to import and distribute real açaí to Indonesia and we’re in it for the long run. Since day 1, we have been committed to supply the best Acai and other superfruits from Amazon forest.

Whats is Acai ?

The acai berry is a good source of fiber, antioxidants, and heart-healthy fats. Antioxidants strengthen our immune system and protect against cancers. The Amazon forest in Brazil is home to some of the most potent super fruits in the world and we found the highest quality product available in the heart of this forest. Our supplier offers a superior technology to harvest the berry from the açai palm tree and process these fruits to protect the natural nutrients and preserves their delicious flavors (Refractance window drying).

Açai is famous for its delicious flavor and nutritional benefits and the real açai fit perfectly in Bali visitors’s and local’s healthy lifestyle.  Not only are these organic fruits harvested it in a meaningful and sustainable way, we support the local community and our products are fair trade certified, vegan and non GMO.

Our Passion ?

 Bruno Santos, Brand Ambassador and Açai lover (Professional surfer)


We’ve been dedicated to our farmers, to you, and to the power of a positive and a healthy future.


Much more than just believing, we work for a more sustainable world. We know the importance of the conservation of natural resources to ensure the preservation of the environment and, therefore, our supplier constantly invest in reforestation, besides re-evaluating the processes in search of more sustainable practices.

  • They reforest areas where there is no viable planting of açaí, with the planting of African mahogany and Acacia;

  • The raising of native bees, which in addition to promoting the cultivation and development of fruit in the açaí palm, helps in combating climate change. Each kilogram of honey produced can neutralize up to 16 kilograms of carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted into the atmosphere;

  • Use of grass suppression techniques by mowing, thus facilitating soil conservation, and inhibiting erosion;

  • A balanced fertilization process by monitoring of soil analysis and soil, leaf and fruit solution;

  • Using the waste of raw materials (stone of açaí) to feed the boiler, so as to generate heat, resulting in the reduction of the use of LPG and electricity;

  • Use of recyclable and lighter packaging;

  • Preservation of fruit trees protected by law, such as the Brazil Nut (Castanha do Pará) tree.

  Conservation of natural resources and ensuring the preservation of the environment.


Try it once and we promise you will be hooked for life !!!